Lucy Carroll
Lucy Carroll
Portrayed By Kristen Connolly
Gender Female
Sexual Orientation Heterosexual
Religion Agnostic
Date of Birth April 6
Age 29
Occupation Owner of Jabberwocky Cafe
Known Relatives Younger Brother (Arthur)
Significant Other None
Apt. Number 403
Appears In Theme 2

Lucy owns the Jaberwocky cafe in the building next to where she lives. Though she works in a somewhat whimsical environment, she is used to her own life being quite normal. Despite being someone who is normally friendly and upbeat person, she tends to keep to herself.


Lucy's parents thought she was going to be a boy. And, being hippie literature lovers, had their hearts set on naming her Lewis. When she was born, they were surprised and then decided to just call her Lucy. While most people didn't catch the name play, Lucy was pretty much immersed in Alice in Wonderland references since her birth. They got her a kitten and named it Chesire, she had a stuffed March Hare, they even dressed her as Alice one Halloween, though she didn't have blonde hair like in the Disney cartoon.

A wonderful baker and lover of tea and coffee, she opened up the Jabberwocky Cafe and eventually moved into the building next to it in order to make her commute increasingly easier. Her cafe is Alice in Wonderland themed - though not in an over the top way. She offers things like Dormouse Sugar Cookies and Move Down Tea, Red Queen Velvet Cakes and Late For a Date Coffee (dark roasted). The floor is checkerboard tile in white and red and she keeps chess boards and checkers for customers to play while they sip tea and munch on snacks.



Though a friendly person normally, Lucy tends to keep to herself. She has a few friends that she'll go out with every once in awhile, but her time is mostly spent at the cafe or writing in what little spare time she has.




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