Maia Aldridge
Maia Aldridge
Real Name Maia Aldridge
Pseudonyms Runner, That Chick
Height 5'4"
Weight 125
DOB January 16th, 1986
Nationality American
Affiliation Independent / Highest Bidder
Base of Operations [REDACTED]
Security Level N/A
Position Transporter, Entrepreneur
Specialties Parkour, Language, Discretion
Known Associates [REDACTED]
Played By Rooney Mara

Character Information



Possible Connections

  • Clients : People that Maia has moved something for. It could be an object of (almost) any size, a piece of information, or whatever the client can imagine. Maia's as pricey as her reputation allows, but not the worst.


Date Title Summary Team
24 Apr 2013 18:37 "Certain Interests" A professor of Middle-Eastern art history meets with an interested grad student over lunch.... maia
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