Itaxian "Replica" Programmed to (ship)

"Mau7" was brought onboard by the last crew and, for some reason, possibly due to injury, was left behind when they vanished. Physically, from the outside, she is an identical, if slightly idealized, replica of an Itaxian. She is programmed to be a loyal aide and protector to the ship and its crew.

To that end, she is outfitted with defensive and offensive capabilities, scanning and analysis systems, a database containing  items such as star charts and information on planets, races, history and science, along with other tools. She's made to "imprint" on and obey the rightful crew of the Sanctuary vessel — whoever can provide a pilot and continue the mission… a mission that's been jarred from her memory logs. 

However true-to-life her body is, she is, markedly, a product of technology. Created for business over pleasure, unlike some models, her personality interface isn't complete — however, her programming is complex and adaptive, gradually learning social cues from those around her over time (and learning from mistakes). She seems quite curious — a result of the constant expansion of her database by gathering new facts. 

Since the Itaxian creation is self-aware despite her practical purpose, it can be argued that she has an artificial consciousness along with her artificial intelligence. 

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