Micah Cabello
Micah Cabello
Portrayed By Gael Garcia Bernal
Gender Male
Parentage Micintecuhtli; The Atzlanti
Date of Birth May, 1978
Age 34
Occupation Bartender
Known Relatives None
Significant Other None

Micah Cabello works as a bartender at a local dive, hobnobbing with the patrons. It's widely understood, without being spoken outloud, that he's an associate of the neighborhood demon mob.

The Legend

Atzlanti children do not long go ignored, praised, followed, as fervently as their parentage, but Micah's grandmother did her best to keep him sheltered for as long as she could. A superstitious old bat, Mama Cabello fostered an inkling of what her errant daughter had gotten herself into — though Eva had vanished, sucked into the lifestyle that had brought her to Micintecuhtli's attention. She learned a young Micah in the ways of her tribe, growing him up beside incantations, idols, and all the cultural knowledge of the occult that she used to protect him in their tiny, New Orleans, village. Dutiful, and then bored, Micah began to dabble further and further, exposing himself to those who would bring the estranged child to his true lineage. Zealots, all, and only too excited, and fearful, to have discovered the potential offspring of their incarnation of Death; an enthusiasm and vigor that a young, naive Micah took as affection for him, a validation he soaked up gladly.

Plucked from obscurity, Micah gladly participated in trials, delving worse into the rituals of his people, and into the unlocking of his demi-godly abilities — powers straight from the underworld, and fueled by its residents. At first, he blinded himself, choosing to selectively enjoy the power rather than truly stop to examine its origin, or what the hordes were driving him towards. But Micah began to grow disillusioned as time went on, finding the fervent urgency of the worshipers concerning, and the tasks required to keep up his power too demanding.

It was a ritual meant to truly open him up to meeting his father, the god of the lowest level.

But something besides power awakened in Micah as he opened his eyes, saw the blood about to be on his hands, and balked. An incident that has since been buried in his memories, details obscured by denial.

He took off that night — unaware that the final sacrifice of the evening was meant to be the spilling of his own, precious death-god blood — abandoning his new 'people', his home, and the responsibilities of his demigod mantle. Hunted not only by the Atzlanti worshipers, but the Judges, Valkyries meant to keep rogue demigods in line, he needed to truly get away. Burying his past, he resurfaced in Toronto, across the country, across the border. Since surrendering his powers, and discovering the truth of them, he's become moodier, keeping to himself, and pessimistic about the world, and his own extensive knowledge of its on-goings. When he bothers to work, it's at a bar, a lounge commonly thought to be a mafia hangout, where he's able to pass himself off as one of its demon members to hide the true source of his abilities and knowledge.


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LADY NEW CHICK. So I guess we've got a new bartender or something. It doesn't sound like she's a demon, which is… interesting. And dumb. Guess we'll see how long this lasts. (¬__¬)


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Atzlanti rituals involve blood-letting, as well as copious sacrifices, both of allies and enemies. These cleanses, trials, and services lead to each layer of Micah's abilities being released — blessed by his father's attention to their prayers, and the continued turning of the days. When Micah is at last fully inundated with his power then he is meant to be sacrificed, himself, in order to send him to be with his godly father to truly realize his purpose and keep the Earth protected from the underworld. For this, he is considered to be incredibly sacred by Atzlanti worshipers.

Occult Knowledge From his upbringing, and consequent dive into the world of being a demigod, Micah has accumulated a lot of information. He is a general encyclopedia of legends and lore, as well as some more street smart voodoo and tactics, as picked up through his journeys and attempts to make himself vanish. He also knows enough about demons to pass as one.
Woof, Woof, Woof An affinity for dogs, which is reciprocated by all canines back towards him. He naturally gets along with them, inspiring the animals to want to protect him in dangerous situations, and occasionally follow him down the street in packs if he's not careful. The longer that any one dog remains in his company, then the smarter that animal becomes; often, they seem to be able to understand what he's saying, and readily obey his commands, even if they haven't been specifically trained.
It's Only a Flesh Wound A special… durability; this does not preclude him from receiving harm, but rather widens his ability to function while seriously injured in ways that would have downed any normal human being. He takes all the damage and keeps rolling. The magnitude with which Micah can continue to operate depends on how ramped up his abilities are. While he's rusty, it is present, but less so. He would have to reengage in the rituals to unlock greater effect.
Are You Afraid of the Dark? The power of sucking all of the light out of the room. An easy ability for Micah, it still works better when he's outside, or if he's touching something natural instead of man-made. The stars are much more likely to be winked out than anything powered by electricity, and the effect outside will last longer; how long depends on how much power has been unlocked.
Patient Zero Creating disease by touch. Easily Micah's most difficult to use power when he hasn't been practicing his rituals, and easily the most dangerous. At its basest level, Micah can, through skin to skin contact, transmit a number of basic diseases onto a person; these are not necessarily known and identifiable diseases, but a general withering of the internal organs, coughing, and other destructive symptoms. It's like a slow death though, at the lowest level, recoverable from. As Micah grows more powerful, so does his touch become more potent: it takes less effort to call out the disease, and it eats away at the target faster. It is conceivable that, if he were to transcend, his touch could cause instant death.
Grr Arrgh Because who doesn't want an army of walking corpses at one's side, this power involves the dragging of corpses out of their grave to do Micah's bidding. These undead have no souls, no intelligence, no desires, or higher skills. They are merely shambling fodder, but smelly, frightening, single-minded, flesh-eating shambling fodder. At its weakest, the zombies cannot get out of Micah's sight-line, and he has to be present at the graveyard to raise them. After several minutes, the zombies will naturally fall apart and fail to keep going. Raising an army drains Micah, as they are essentially feeding off of his essence to power their unnatural movements.


  • He is only 5'6".
  • Owns a dog named Crossbones.
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