Mira Singh
Mira Singh
Portrayed By Nosheen Phoenix
Gender Female
Parentage Agni; The Devas
Date of Birth 1985
Age 28
Occupation Criminal Defense Lawyer
Known Relatives Anil (father), Sati (mother), Chaaya (cousin, older), Anjas (brother, younger), Hansa (sister, younger)
Significant Other None

Mira Singh works as a criminal defense lawyer, representing the accused, at a small firm where, because of her clients' usual situations, she often works pro bono or charity cases. She lives in Little India with her family.


After coming over to North America from their native home, the young Singh couple was attracted to the neighborhood of Gerrard Street East due to its then recent conversion into a Bollywood theatre location, and the opening of several general South Asian stores. Joining this influx, Anil and Sati set up their grocer, catering to the unique tastes of the growing South Asian community. With the commercial business expanding faster than the residential homes opened up, living seemed scarce, but Anil was able to find one of the first available homes and he firmly planted his roots; they started their family there — another miracle. Several failed attempts led Sati to pray late into the night for a child, for any hope, and so it was, one night, that her prayers were heard by the harried answerer of calls, Agni, god of fire. Quietly, he laid with her, and it seemed to Sati but a dream. When she heard she was with child, Sati suspected, but never questioned, choosing to be ever-grateful for the gift she'd been given.

By the time Mira was a young girl, the South Asian community had begun to shift further into the Greater Toronto Area, taking a lot of its specific consumers along with. But Anil refused to leave where he'd planted, where he'd started a family. By now, Mira had two younger siblings, a boy and a girl, and an older cousin was also living with them, and things were stretched tight, but Anil's stubbornness persisted, even when many of these children were old enough to question him on the wisdom. Mostly, this persistence came from Mira, a child always wise and too open-eyed for her age, too full of inspiration. She was the opposite of her cousin, a consummate Indian woman and home-maker. Both attended minor schooling, and then began to learn under Sati how to keep a proper and respectful home, and while Mira absorbed the teachings of her culture, she faltered, too. She had ambition. She had a need to be out there. She felt she had a calling.

This indescribable something lured her out of homemaking — the honorable path of a Hindu woman — to find law classes at a small community center, and then a great university. These institutions were only barely up to snuff, and looked down upon on a whole by the larger field of lawyers, but Mira's ambition was stronger than all that. Then, just as her father was beginning to come around to his daughter's wisdom, she chose criminal defense. Arguments erupted in the Singh household: less about the defense of the accused, because Anil devoutly believed in fair treatment of others, and more about the idea of his precious daughter in the company of suspected murderers and known thieves. Couldn't she find a desk job? Couldn't she help those in her own community, doing permits and neighborly disputes?

She couldn't. It was the call of the downtrodden and the nearly hopeless that sparked Mira, and she couldn't resist; she felt compelled. Late nights would be spent, cradling a cup of tea and a stack of appeals taller than her shoulder, until one would seemingly "speak to her". Choosing cases off of gut feeling instead of potential for winning, or financial gain, has left Mira with a modest living, and a reputation other lawyers roll their eyes over, but she has won, and those whom she's helped are always the most grateful.

& Now

Outreach Program

Current Case: Theo Montreau
Involving the murder of a young man, and the brutal cannibalistic attack on his pregnant wife in a church with a pastor witness, the Montreau murder case would seem to be open & close, but Mira found herself compelled to look into the details, and some of those details are pretty hinky. She's spent the last month and change re-interviewing key contributors, and meeting with Theo, himself, at Millhaven. As she gets closer to filing, and news spreads of her attempts, opposition has gotten louder, but every time she visits the forlorn prisoner, Mira feels re-energized to try her best.

Daughter of Fire

अग्नि॒म् ई॑ळे पुरो॒हि॑तं यज्ञ॒स्य॑ देव॒म् ऋत्वि॒ज॑म् । होता॑रं रत्नधा॒त॑मम्

AGNI; Hindu god of fire and sacrifices, messenger of prayers between gods and men; the ever-young; one of the supreme. But with not a whole heaping lot of time for his offspring while he attends all of his duties, many of which involve soothing panic when other pantheons have caused an outbreak of frantic prayer. As such, Mira stands currently unaware of her divinity, and the potential that comes with it. However, that doesn't mean that it hasn't come to plague her, as her powers often have a mind of their own — or the minds of others.

Are you There, Agni? It's Me, The World Like her father, Mira has become a vessel for the prayers of the people; a messenger. She can occasionally hear the wishing thoughts of those around her, feel their desires, like echoes. Entirely out of her control, the strength of this ability resides within the situation, the person calling out. The stronger, more desperate, or more heartfelt the prayer then the louder Mira will hear it. Should she ever be in the center of a crisis or natural disaster, it would likely be overwhelming with people calling out, smothering her in their need. In the every day, it helps her to better read others' intentions, giving her a seeming foresight into people's true nature. She may feel an instinct that someone is lying, or that they are holding back, or that they want to share or are afraid; it's like a knack any interrogator may hone, but for Mira it comes naturally — and supernaturally.
From Your Lips to my Ears On the flip-side, messengers don't just travel one way. There has to be someone on the other end, and, here, that other end is the pantheons of the gods. Godly messages are much harder to pick up, are often stray from them traveling too close to Mira, and most commonly harmful to her ears as they speak in tones not meant for mortals. It's like she has an inner ear problem that sometimes blares loud noises or static into her head before, gradually, fading. Once in a while there are words, as gods do deign to speak to their peons at times. But as none are currently aware of Mira as a vessel for communication, it's all airwaves going over her head.
You Don't Even Need to Ask Instinctively, Mira attracts to those who are in need of help. Connected to hearing thoughts, but with a separate appearance, she gravitates towards those who need the strongest — who are just about to lose hope, but are calling out, even subconsciously. She hears the desire in their heart and feels compelled towards that person, sometimes just by suddenly wanting to flip to their case-file, or reading the details and knowing she has to look into it further. It speaks to her in a way she doesn't understand, so she writes it off as gut feeling.
Playing With Matches, a Girl Can Get Burned As Agni is the lord of the ever-burning fire, so does Mira possess some mastery over the element. It will appear and disappear for her, grow stronger, and bend to shapes contrary to its nature should she ask. Of course, she currently has no presumptions for controlling fire, so the ability lies dormant, cropping up only in times of high emotion or in Mira's defense. And, as fire is a fickle and greedy element, being able to call it without being able to control it could be potentially dangerous.


  • To the eternal shame of her family, she is a terrible cook. Like, just. Don't. It will kill you.
  • She can eat the spiciest of foods without even flinching; she doesn't seem to much notice at all, and always packs on the spices.
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