Moira Grey
Moira Grey
Portrayed By Hudson Leick
Gender Female
Species The Fates
Date of Birth None
Age Infinite
Occupation Psychic/Palm-reader at Psychic Place
Known Relatives She, Herself, and Her
Significant Other None

Moira Grey runs a little quaint psychic shop, complete with bright neon sign over the front advertising palm and card reading. Her Yelp reviews suggest she is "flighty", "so accurate!!!!" and "out of her ever-loving mind".

A Touch of Destiny

The Fates have come before everything, standing above the gods. They bow to nothing, and do their work without a master. But they are, as it turned out, affected by the world they wave the destinies of. At the height of the gods' warring, while the world was still discovering itself, and deities waged battles through the bodies of their heroes to prove they were the greatest pantheon, The Fates became tangled and stressed as the gods interfered more and more with the destinies of others. Their minds, their strands, began to unravel. Seeing the danger, Zeus helped several of the other great pantheon thinkers to agree to talks for a truce. A Council was settled on, and rules decided, but The Fates seemed irreparably damaged. To set them right, Zeus attempted to mash them back into their minds, only to push too hard, and squash them all together into a single entity.

Embarrassed, Zeus let his accidental creation wiggle out of his grasp, still able to throw godly hands off of herself, and throw herself down to the mortal realm. The tedious job of making sure destiny's threads did not become too tangled — despite not being able to enter the room and handle the material — became one passed around between the pantheons; the chore, and the darkness presiding over the knowledge of Fate, sits as a reminder to the gods to behave and stick to the rules of their truce.

In a human body, Moira knows that she's been around for a while, has referenced it before, but she eats, drinks, and behaves as though she were mortal, dressing in bright colors and quirky fashions, indulging in far too many scented candles, and attempting to make a living. What she doesn't appear to do is sleep, with no residence or a bed, and can be found, when not in her store (which is open random hours at best), at a dive of a 24-hour diner, gorging on french fries.



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  • Marjory and Amity journey across the city on a quest to uncover Amity's godly fate; the apparent...

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It Was Fated

  • Clotho – spun the thread of life from her distaff onto her spindle. She is sometimes seen as the child entity, because she represents the beginning of life.
  • Lachesis – "allotter" or drawer of lots, measured the thread of life allotted to each person with her measuring rod. The middle, a beautiful woman.
  • Atropos – "inexorable" or "inevitable", literally "unturning", (sometimes called Aisa) was the cutter of the thread of life. She chose the manner of each person's death; and when their time was come, she cut their life-thread with "her abhorred shears". She has been known as an old woman, representing the end of a lifetime.

Depending on which Fate sits predominantly in Moira at the time determines the scope of her abilities. Theoretically, she would be strongest, and perhaps sanest, if all the sisters were to work together, but that has yet to happen. Instead, she flits indecisively between multiple personalities, making it unclear how much she truly remembers about her origins and her abandoned duties.

Past Clotho speaks of the past, proud of her duties, and delighted to reminisce, though she can occasionally become overexcited and move into the wrong lifespan.
Present Lachesis speaks of the present and future, warily. She weighs the measure of someone's deeds carefully and does not impart knowledge lightly.
Future Atropos speaks of death, with cold practicality, though she also gives the best advice when thawed out.

Odds and Ends

  • The joining of the Fates presents itself the same as mortal Dissociative Identity Disorder, with Moira serving as the host to the three alters: Clotho, Lachesis, and Atropos. The Fates seem to be aware of each other.
  • Obsessed with bubble-gum.
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