Marquis Amon
Portrayed By Sasha Roiz
Gender Male
Species Demon
Date of Birth
Occupation Mob Enforcer
Known Relatives None
Significant Other None

"Monty" works as an enforcer and personal confidante to Samuel Abaddon in the Toronto area mafia.

Hell on Earth

Contrary to some popular belief, hierarchy in Hell holds utmost importance, with every demon having a job to do. As a Marquis, Amon was in charge of his legions, as well as being powerful enough to spirit up to Earth at times to do Lucifer's bidding — or the bidding of the human who summoned him correctly; often, they were one in the same. Loyal, even-tempered, but possessing a terrible wrath, Amon was a key mediator of disputes, and, when Lucifer was released from his imprisonment and allowed to roam with a corporeal form, Amon was one of the first to follow him. He handles non-daily affairs for the demon mob, settling meetings between higher-ups and solving problems when they became too big for others.

Though not of the highest ranking of demons while in Hell, he has since risen a touch above his considered station, leaving some of those still residing in the fiery depths resentful. Since Abaddon trusts him, there isn't a whole lot any of them can do, in the end.

The Court

Amongst other demons, Amon acts somewhat distantly, not taken to the revelry and general chaos of the others. It has given him a reputation of being cold, even egotistical, but he has kept where he belonged up till recently, when he earned a higher place at Lucifer's side.

Abaddon, Lucifer His Don, his master, his supreme commander. Amon is eternally loyal to the ruler of Hell, unbending when it comes to carrying out his demands.
The 40 Amon's legions. Many remain in Hell, not powerful enough to drag themselves out, or not needed so far. Those who are not serve as soldiers to Amon's capo. He treats them fairly, if coolly, and none have found fault in their leader, except for a general stiffness. Still, his temper is legendary, when invoked, and there exists respect.

The Job



Amon is a Marquis of Hell who governs forty infernal legions.

He appears as a wolf with a serpent's tail who can breathe fire, or as a man with dog's teeth in a head like a raven, or as a raven-headed man. He tells of all things past and future.

He procures feuds, and reconciles controversies between friends and foes.

Within the mob structure, Amon continues his tradition of reconciliation by mediating deals and going to "fix" problems that arise.

Birthright As a demon, Amon has access to all the abilities of his species: enhanced strength, senses, speed, healing, and a guard against many magicks. On the flip-side, as a demon from the pit, he can be summoned by a mortal who knows the proper spells and made to do their bidding. Though, as many find, nothing can ever be done carefully enough when it comes to keeping a demon at bay, or phrasing a desire just precisely.
Once and Future Demon Amon has the power of a limited demonic foresight, granting him access to future events, and has extensive knowledge of the past, even where he has not lived. He can more easily use his skills when bidden by a human to do so for them, as it gives a focal point for the seeing.
It's Over 5000! His full demon form is a monstrous creature. So changed, he gains the power of flight, claws, and a nearly impenetrable armored body.

Arcane Knowledge

✙ Amon has several forms, which are sometimes difficult to contain, because of their immense power. He has appeared as wolf and serpent and raven, but also his full demon side.

✙ His tattoos are all historically based, relating some knowledge or event.

✙ Direct superior: Astaroth, a prince of Hell who still resides there.

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