LA Times: License Law Draws Closer

October 1st, 2012


L.A. Times

Protests have begun to speckle the streets of West Hollywood, as the License Law draws closer and closer towards the end of its debate stage, and the fateful vote. Known state-wide, and even past, as a long supporter of tolerance, the West Hollywood area has managed to keep most of its presentations violence and trouble-free. Supporters have kept their demonstrations to the fronts of clinics offering free testing, shunning this as a gateway to Registration, which many believe can only lead to further government reaction, despite assurances that any motives are purely based around protecting the public at large. Good intentions, the protestors say, do not excuse gross behavior: "Officials are lashing out in their fear of what they can't control in their little fists. This is an offensive move, not a defensive one like they want you to think."

Meanwhile, others are attempting to wield their picketed signs in support, rather than anger. After being shut down nearly every day of the month in June for 'Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Month', the stretch of San Vicente's between Santa Monica and Melrose is preparing for another possible concert of pride: a festival geared entirely towards pride for those with the red blood.

Organizers for this cause are currently seeking measures to see that ability use would be allowed during the event, with minor policing.

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