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February 1, 2013


The Daily Bugle

American Nominated for Both Nobel Physiology and Peace Prizes

Yesterday, American scientist Dr. Samuel Sterns was nominated for both a Nobel Peace Prize and a Noble Prize in Physiology and Medicine. His current work examines ways in which combat world hunger through an enhanced plant growth technique. Despite the honour around such an award, Sterns has outright stated he will reject the nomination if it does not consider his teammates on the project Doctors Robert Dunphy, Wilbur Truart, and Elizabeth Ross.

Perhaps more astounding than the prize itself is the funding for the project came from a sole funder in Chechnya, Grigori Yakovlev. Yakovlev is reportedly hosting a party in the project’s honour in early May to celebrate these nominations and all of their successes towards halting world starvation.

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