Ophelia Francis
Portrayed By Cameron Richardson
AKA Lilly, Phi, Oppy
Gender Female
Parentage Mortal
Date of Birth 1985
Age 27
Occupation Grad Student
Known Relatives None
Significant Other None

Lilly currently works towards Drama, Theatre, and Performance studies as well as a collaborative grad program in Ancient and Medieval Philosophy.

Less Ancient History

With her baby face, long neck, and natural blonde hair, Michigan-born Ophelia was expected to ship off to Hollywood, California by the time she could walk. But then it took her a little longer than normal to learn to walk. As she grew — and grow she did; a gangly teen, shooting up above all her male peers early on — most things tended to take Ophelia longer than normal. Studies by paranoid parents suggested that their bouncing baby girl didn't possess any learning disabilities; she simply liked taking things at her own pace. It was a fact the easy-going Ophelia embraced about herself, taking to the long periods of studying she knew she needed to stay in step with her classmates. In fact, she enjoyed studying. She gobbled up learning. But she just never would become very quick on the draw.

Her practice at memorization earned her another hobby, however: theatre. Finally, the model thin-and-tall blonde would claim her Hollywood throne! — except, then she took a liking to stage shows instead. By high-school, she was inescapably enamored with Greek Mythology… and a senior named Trevor, who managed to turn her head around until she was leaving to be in Canada with him as he pursued a hockey scholarship, leaving her own ambitions in the dust. Several years, she played devoted fan to Trevor, until he cheated on her, and she threw a lamp at his head and he missed the championship game while getting stitches.

Pulling her life together, Ophelia took the dramatic turn of events as a sign — wasn't this like her very own Greek tragedy? (so maybe she wasn't exactly thinking on scale…) Pooling the rest of her remaining college years together, she devoted back to her philosophy and religious studies, as well as theatre, surprising everyone that knew her with both a double major and then an acceptance into a collaborative post-graduation program.




Trevor Fairbanks in the role of "The Ex". The siren that brought her to Toronto and then ruthlessly betrayed her. Ophelia assigns a lot of overdramatic emotion to the event in order to fuel her acting, though she, truthfully, doesn't think about him all that much anymore. Sometimes, his name is used as a curse when Toronto does something stupid. Trevor now plays for the Toronto Maple Leafs and has a permanent scar over his right eyebrow.


Lisa Coolridge in the role of "The Best Friend". Lisa, a fellow Theatre post-grad, consistently attempts to get Ophelia to drop those silly old-people studies and focus on her acting. She wants to eventually run away to California with her. The two should probably be rivals, except that Ophelia keeps forgetting to get competitive about things. Lisa also has aspirations to direct, and the two have previously had a sexual relationship.


Jill Rey in the role of "So Far Undefined".

Class Schedule

The Mahaparinirvanasutra M 10-11 RLG3740H Emmrich, Christoph An in-depth study on the writings, one of the major sutras of Mahayana Buddhism. The so-called "Nirvana Sutra" focuses on the final days of Buddha's life, using stories to express Mahayana ideals, surrounding the eternity of Buddha, the reality of True Self, and the presence of the Buddha in all living things.
Seminar in Greek Philosophy. Aristotle on phantasia, cognition and action M 11-2 PHL2009S Whiting, Jennifer Focusing on Aristotle, this seminar also delves into related Greek philosophies of the time, using each to piece together the thoughts and motivations of the Greek society during which this great mind lived.
Medieval Islamic Philosophy M 2-4 MST3346F Black, Deborah Early Islamic philosophy or classical Islamic philosophy is a period of intense philosophical development beginning in the 2nd century AH of the Islamic calendar (early 9th century CE) and lasting until the 6th century AH (late 12th century CE). The period is known as the Islamic Golden Age, and the achievements of this period had a crucial influence in the development of modern philosophy and science.
Religious Thought (Critical Theory, Psychoanalysis and Religion T 11-1 JHB214 Hewitt, Marsha An in-depth look at how religion influences and defines action, the use of religion as reasoning, and the mind-frame that makes up the religiously devout. What is a fanatic, and what causes certain believers to take their faith to such extremes?
Shakespeare and his Contemporaries R 3-6 ENG2535H Lopez, J. He is called the "soul of the age"; Shakespeare was a profound bard, but, in this class, we seek to examine him next to other existing poets of the era. A look at what William Shakespeare had in common with his contemporary thinkers (themes, styles, etc), as well as how he was able to transcend this.
Languages French, Latin, Greek
Hobbies Shakespeare In The Park, the Flute, flashmobs, bedazzling things, musical theatre, stalking TV filming, DDR


  • She is 5'8".
  • Retains a rather shocking amount of hockey information, with a rather vicious skill at body-checking for a slim girl.
  • Can hold her liquor.
  • Moonlights at The Village Playhouse.
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