This is Parasite


He is a class fucking act

  • Parasite was picked up on New Mesa, trying to sell the wreckage of the ship he'd been on; he was the lone survivor of its accident.
  • After being passed up by various scavenging crews and better work, he took a hard labor job under another human, who gave him the name 'Parasite' for the piece of locker he'd kept with 'PA—-' on it from the crashed ship. (changeable)
  • When his path crossed a same crew from New Mesa again months later, they noticed his poor condition and took him on.

  • Technology seems to hate Paris — or so he claims — he's accident prone and often receives shocks or burns.
  • Paris is dumb. Naive. Either over-eager or stupidly sullen at times. He likes history, but often confuses his own, and sometimes swears the entire practice into the black. Changeable.
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