Perth Thul

"Yes, sir. Of course, sir. What you say is my will, sir."

Casting: Vampire Kitten
Gender: Female
Age: 17
Place of Birth: Ryloth
Occupation: Jedi Apprentice

Perth Thul is a dedicated student due to her general subservient nature, making her a good listener and keen at following orders but not overly imaginative, which causes her fighting style to suffer.


The origin of Perth Thul, and her transformation into a Jedi apprentice, contains no glamor nor adventure. Born the typical Rutian Twi'lek on their home planet of Ryloth, Perth had no money or connections going for her, so she easily fell into the slave and dancing trade popular in the Twi'lek culture for its females. What fight she originally had in her was worked out of her and she became subservient and a skilled entertainer. Instead of moving from home to home, she was transferred off-planet to a prominent male Twi'lek slave owner who pimped his girls out without a thought for screening his generously paying clients.

While Perth and a few others were at the home of an infamous Imperial-supporter, Rebel forces broke up the party and took the man into custody. The Twi'leks were liberated from slavery, though many didn't know what to do with themselves. This included Perth, who developed a swift and unwise crush on one of the first Rebel pilots to break into their dance room. He was embarrassed, however, and this caused her to become self-conscious of her dancing past and attempt to hide it. Eventually, Perth was found to be Force-sensitive, much to the Rebel pilot's delight, and was shipped off to Luke Skywalker.


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  • Her former pimp is still out there; he was not rounded up, only that group of girls and that client were.
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