The Wolf
Portrayed By Rhys Ifans
Gender Male
Parentage Baron Samedi (Father) The Loa, Morrigan (Mother) The Tuatha
Date of Birth
Age Immortal
Occupation Hunting Demigods
Known Relatives None
Significant Other None

He's fucking nutters.


Promiscuous and foul-mouthed, the Baron Samedi, oft chaser of mortal women around his wife's back, wooed The Morrigan over several years by refusing to dig the graves of her warriors, denying them a full death within her prediction. Finally, The Morrigan laid with him and they conceived the Titan Phelan. It was rumored that he was birthed from his mother while she shaped herself like a wolf, imparting an animal's sensibility on her god-blooded childe. Rumored, also, that, foreseeing what a monster her offspring would become, she immediately buried the child in a deep warrior's grave to send him to his father but that, instead, the baby lay there, for decades, silent and surrounded by rotting dirt.

All that's known is that a blond Titan made his way into the world, making a name hunting and slaughtering demi-gods through the ages - and that name was The Wolf. No better than a hound used by the other Titans, he tracks relentlessly: primal, and unstoppable.

Also known as The Harbinger, The Wolf would decimate battlefields, taking on his mother's omens, and turn tides. It's thought that he may be responsible for many of history's most brutal serial killings, for which other men have been imprisoned.




Mother, The Morrigan: goddess of war and sovereignty, predicts a warrior's violent death, appears as a crow, a heifer, or a wolf, is all-knowing. Symbol of imminent death and an influence in the outcome of war.

Father, Baron Samedi: master of dead and giver of life, can cure any injury or disease. Voodoo curses and black magic, digs the graves of the dead, rots corpses so that they can't come back as zombies.

As a Titan, The Wolf gains enhanced strength, speed, and immortality, amongst his other godly rights. Thought to be gods themselves, the Titans bear little, if any, weakness, except their own raging insanity — some think due to the twisted clash of pantheons — a plague to which The Wolf is no stranger. Little more than an animal, he appears to have no ambitions of his own, ruthless, and unreserved in the use of his hereditary powers.

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Superhuman Senses

A peerless hunter, The Wolf; gifted as if with his mother's knowing, but for prey. Possessing of extraordinary heightening in all senses (sight, hearing, taste, touch, smell) so as to occasionally be overwhelmed. When he focuses in on a singular goal, these senses will put him unwaveringly on a trail; he has never lost a prey.


Used for decades to shred the bodies of fallen warriors, The Wolf's teeth have become sharpened and tough; he needs no weapon to kill his target. Those caught in these snares rarely escape: his saliva can rot flesh.


Even more than the immortality of a Titan, he suffers no injuries or disease, even by gods, but it comes at a price: like his other senses, The Wolf feels heightened pain. He gains strength, recouping, by sleeping in the dirt, specifically in freshly dug graves. Black magic has no effect (except for sneezing) and he has been rumored to turn it back on the wielder, spitting back curses.



  • It's pronounced “fwail + awn”.
  • He's followed by a pack of crows. If you see an unusual amount around you: run.
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