Piers Tully
Piers Tully
Portrayed By Richard Harris
Date of Birth 2159
Age Last known: 76
Occupation Retired clockmaker
Location Chicago

"For we purposely stopped the clock that this knowledge might be spared him: a little mark of respect from us at the end. "

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A gentle, docile, soul who lives in the slums of Chicago: somehow, he's managed to live to a ripe old age without much incident, though, if prompted enough, he might claim to have been a small terror when he was a child — when? Oh, no, he can barely remember. Sometimes, he tries to tell stories but then none come to him.

For a while, he used to restore and build ancient clock-pieces, enjoying the natural sound they made over the buzz or unnatural quiet of technology, but he's since lost the ability, with the intense shaking of his hand stopping him from performing the delicate procedures. It was an expensive hobby, but kept him happy, and now his life's quiet in a different way. When he manages to get out of his little upperside apartment, he's usually visiting his grand-daughter Bella at one of her dance performances.

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