Kyle Porter
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Real Name Daniel Fry
Pseudonyms Kyle Porter, Milo McLaren, Yevgheny Kirilov, Just Johnny, many others.
Height 6'2"
Weight 168 lbs.
DOB [REDACTED] (40ish)
Nationality US Citizen
Affiliation CIA
Base of Operations Safehouse in New York
Security Level SCI
Position Senior Field Agent
Known Associates Zora Alkaev, Ania Evanko, Tom Fairfax (Handler), Rook (Pilot),
Played By Jeffrey Dean Morgan

Character Information

Whatever the occasion, Porter knows how to dress for it. He wears a tailored suit just as comfortably as a pair of worn jeans and a t-shirt. As it's said, the clothes don't make the man.

He's lean, lithe, and a few inches shy of six feet tall. Muscular, but in the lean, wiry fashion of a gymnast or a marathon runner rather than having a bodybuilder's hefty physique. Usually smiling, often a bit disheveled, and almost always sporting a goatee, he could be considered handsome in a swarthy sort of way.


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