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Name Formerly Reincarnated As… Added By Status
"Red" Red Riding Hood Sexiest. Assassin. Ever. Jay
Granny Grandma Hood Red's Handler & Benefactor Jay
Chase The Huntsman Cyberterrorist. Hacker. Jay
Elisa Swan Princess Doctor who can knit people's wounds together. Or, she can knit things and they come to life. Margaret
Jack Jack and the Beanstalk Thief, can climb anything Margaret
Alice Alice in Wonderland Hypnotherapist. Sees into people's dreams/minds while hypnotized? Margaret/Chris Reserved
Charisma Prince Charming?!?! Seductress. Con Artist. Grifter. Jay
Summer The Polar Bear King/'s Princess Turns into a polar bear (at night? at will?), but it is not just an alternate form, it is her prince; by being able to turn into one another, they give each other life without ever being able to meet again. Chris Reserved
Ella Cinderella lol she's in retail (?) Chris
Rory Sleeping Beauty MIA. Chris Reserved
Peter Peter Pan I don't know what he does, but maybe he does it by sucking the youth out of other children Chris
Tatiana Tinkerbell Prostitute? Designer drug supplier? "The Dust" Jay
Fiona Snow White Works at a hotel. Poison kisses? Chris Open
?? Gretel Owns candy shop with brother. Control over fire. Chris Open
Marina The Little Mermaid Street performer with siren song who can only occasionally walk. Amy Reserved
?? Captain Hook Corporate Raider. Jay
Bernard Bearskin Homeless ex-soldier. A noble sort with the misfortune of turning into a huge hairy bearbeast when angered. Stuish
Connor Big Bad Wolf Crooked cop by day, serial killer by night? Stuish
Raz The Caterpillar Evil Sherlock Holmes. That smart. That observant. Way more evil. Jay
?? Robin Hood Retrieval Specialist. Former Spy/Black Ops/Assassin. Anti-Governments. Jay
?? Dwarf #7 "Dopey" — Late Night Talk Show Host. Why not? Jay
B.B. Fortune Belle-Belle, Le Chevalier Fortuné Madcap mercenary with a merry band of misfits. Grey Reserved
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