Psychic Place

Address: 1003 Broadview
Toronto, ON M4K 2S1
Neighborhood: East York
(416) 421-6333

Nothing makes Psychic Place stick out from its peers: neon, discounts, cheap signage, and heavy curtains. A peek inside the window shows gaudy, overdone decorations, with a clutter reminiscent of hording and symbolism representative of no one religion or belief in particular. Several of the baubles up front appear to be on sale. Services include palm reading, tarot card reading, and relationship/business advice. Tea is served during readings, and there may or may not be a cat on the premises. Its Yelp reviews seem to vary across the board, from what few have deigned to leave one, with just as many claiming the resident psychic, Moira, is "freakishly accurate" as the ones calling her "batshit; do NOT waste your money here!!!" The general consensus seems to be that she is flighty, and absent-minded.

Whatever the result of the reading, everyone agrees that the tea was freakin' delicious.

Voodoo_Shop_French_Quarter_Erzulies_Voodoo_Inside.jpg tarot+reader+psychic+reading+buffalo+ny.jpg
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