Jack Rabbit
Jack Rabbit
Portrayed By Nolan Gerard Funk
Gender Male
Parentage Hermes; The Dodekatheon
Date of Birth July 28, 1986
Age 26
Occupation Wild Card / Courier
Known Relatives None
Significant Other Catch Him If You Can

Everybody wants know about Jack. The thing is, even Jack doesn't know about Jack. The only reason he even knows his name is Jack is because that's the only part of his birth certificate that didn't get burned to a crisp. Taking on the moniker of Jack Rabbit, he's been on the move and hopping from place to place, trying to figure out exactly who he is.

And why he can do the things that he can do.

"First of all, let's get one thing straight right now, you don't know Jack. Nobody knows Jack. Not even Jack knows Jack. The fact that Jack is even still breathing is something of a myth and legend, itself. Wanna' hear it? Here it goes…"

Once Upon A Crime

There was a girl. There's always a girl. She was something special, as she just happened to be one the most beautiful jewel thieves that a particularly legendary thief had ever laid his eyes upon. Not only was she visually stunning, but she also managed to possess a rapier wit that struck like lightning. It was a match made in 'Gimmie That' heaven, when the two of them wound up in the same building, with orders to steal the same exact thing.

Of course, sex became the next order of business, while they were in the middle of stealing the object. They took turns stealing it back and forth from each other, throughout the night, until they eventually could no longer resist each other's charms and found themselves rolling around on the rooftop and making with the hot and environmentally unsafe sex.

It was raining.

When the girl awoke, she found that she was no longer in possession of the item in question and her one night stand was long gone. She was more upset about losing the jewel than she was being left to sleep upon a rooftop like she was nothing more to him than that loud and wet tryst. She smiled and decided that getting back to her life would be the best course of action. After all, she would have to make up for losing her latest assignment.

Her journey back into her criminal ways would be short lived, though, as she soon found out that she was pregnant. She was in no position to take care of a child, as she was barely stable (mentally, emotionally) herself. There was no way that she could continue to do the things that she was doing and also raise a child. It would be impossible. When the child was born, she named him Jack (she always liked the name Jack) and left him on the doorstep of some rich family that she had stolen from in the past. She seemed to recall them being nice people.



Within hours, Jack was thrown into the system and became the responsibility of The State. He was launched from bad living situation to worse living situation, until he was old enough to realize that his life was complete and utter bullshit. He took matters into his own hands, stealing anything that wasn't nailed down by his most recent family and he took to the streets to fend for himself. A choice that would prove to be one of the best decisions in his young life.

Taking the moniker Jack Rabbit for himself and crafting his life around such, the young boy took living his life on his own and just heading wherever the road took him. He would combine small cons with stealing to survive and an uncanny knack for running away into something that kept him alive for many years. During his travels, he would pick up on things, almost unnaturally, somehow being capable of performing them with ease after a mere single observation of them.

Of course, this started to earn him a Jack of all Trades style ability that seemed to be more than just knowledge retention and copycatting. His brain actually seemed to retain the knowledge of the skills and trades, making him an expert in the fields of non-study, all around. All in all, his life was changing dramatically and something was drawing him towards Canada. It was almost as though he was being called or summoned, as no matter how hard he tried to pick his own path, he would always end up headed for the border.

Eventually crossed, Jack found that his life had become immensely easier. Within a week of being in the city, he stumbled into a homeless guy named Herman, that he soon befriended for six months. Jack would visit him every day and make sure the man was okay and bring him anything he needed. One day, Herman wasn't there and in his place was a shoebox. A shoebox that was overflowing with 'Free' coupons for a very special place called Olympus Sports. Each coupon just seemed to glow, slightly, as if it were more than just a piece of laminated paper.

Things had finally started to fall into place for Jack, though, it would seem. Not long after receiving, what he was assuming to be a lifetime supply of sneakers, but by the next week he landed a gig for DropZone (an inner city courier services for businesses in the Toronto area) and by the week after that, he managed to stumble upon the key. A very special key. One that fit a very specific warehouse in the bad part of the city and made all of Jack's "living arrangements" problems disappear.

Jack has no idea why or even how he's been so lucky the past month or so. And in some small way, he doesn't even really care. He's curious, sure, but one thing is very clear and his path has been decided to that of perhaps making Toronto his new Home. Especially, well, since this is first city that he has felt like he might actually belong.

Too bad he doesn't know he's playing right into Their hands…

Special Delivery


Jack Rabbit, Son of Hermes

Jack of Spades Jack possesses an incredible learning curve that allows him to learn things at an extremely fast rate: such as instantaneous. All he needs is to be able to see a specific action in question and he will become somewhat blessed with the knowledge of said actions, how to perform them and so forth. This effectively makes him incredibly omni-skilled, in that, honestly, he really can do anything. As long as he's seen it first.
Spoken Like a True… Jack's native tongue is English. That's what he speaks. However, he also understands any language he hears or reads, can comprehend it and can also speak it. The twist, however, is that Jack only sees/hears himself speaking in English. Others will be able to see that he's omnilingual, but to Jack, he's just speaking English.
Catch Me If You Can Jack is very good at escaping. Whether it be getting away from a chase or getting himself out of handcuffs or something more dangerous, like falling to his death and managing to twist his body just enough to angle his fall to allow him to land through a car's sunroof rather than the hood… he's capable of getting out of things. He's a cheater of death and doesn't even know it. He just figures he's lucky as hell.
Jack Be Nimble, Jack Be Quick Jack comes with beyond human levels of speed and agility. He can move at extremely high speeds, make tremendous leaps and is agile to the point of it being superhuman. These standard Above Human Abilities only seem to increase during times when he's running from something or trying to achieve something. The more he wants whatever it is, the more effective his abilities become.

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