Rachel Worth
Rachel Worth
Portrayed By Alexis Bledel
Gender Female
Sexual Orientation Heterosexual?
Date of Birth 1992
Age 21
Occupation College Junior
Known Relatives Whatever family she's off to visit during holidays.
Significant Other None that's ever mentioned.
Apartment # 132

Rachel Worth attends Hickoryville's community college, studying Business and Photography. She speaks of her family a little and appears to be gone during some holidays, so they likely do not live in the city. Even so, to anyone who asks, she's pretty keen to leave and head further towards the coast in a few years, so Hickoryville seems like an odd place to choose to stay in the meanwhile.

Around the apartments, she's a good tenant, and a fine neighbor. No excessive noise. No college kids stumbling out of her door at inane hours. She just sometimes looks like a peeper with that over-excited camera of hers. It's a stupidly nice camera, too.


Worth has been a paying tenant of Lockwood for the three years of her so-far collegiate education. Mentions of her family, as well as a slight accent, possibly place them in the Midwest.

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  • Photography's not her actual major, but it is more than a hobby. Her main focus is in architecture; she's been to the outskirts a few times, and has been seen even taking pictures of Lockwood from time to time.
  • Despite being a full-time student, she never seems to have a lack of spending money and is always on-time with her rent.
  • Though she's not seen with many friends hanging around, she's often out at odd hours when not in school, so she likely still is living the college life-style.
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