Casting: Ben Foster
Gender: Male
Age: 30
Place of Birth: Unknown
Occupation: Unknown

Reese Shiwin is one of the scions of the Galactic Empire. From a young age he believed, ate, breathed, and lived the Empire, it's goals, and the totalitarianism of the regime, even after they experimented on him. Even as a kid, he volunteered…


Reese grew up in a military family of the Galactic Empire. While his father was never home, Reese was sent to an academy— a military school of sorts that would make him more rigid than ever. He believed that the only way to achieve anything in the galaxy was under one central government. It made sense to him: an ultimate chain of command would make life far easier. It would simplify everything. Decisions could be made faster. Thing swould get done.

His education was everything to this end: achieve what he could for the Empire and he would be rewarded. Which is probably why he did everything he could to garnish favour. He volunteered for experimentation in his teen years. Shortly thereafter he was discovered as force-sensitive and sent on a very different path. He, and others, would be trained by one of the Emperor's Hands.

This was the biggest delight in his life.

And his training moved forward. Quickly. He was a scion of the Empire: destined for what needed to be done.

When the Empire fell, some held out hope that Palpatine would return… Reese is in their ranks.


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