Sarah Scott-Seaver

Casting: Kelly Overton
Age: 27
Place of Birth: Lucky, Louisiana
Occupation: Building Security and P.I. — S&F Investigations
Relatives: Mother, step-dad, brother, step-sister
Apartment #: B14
Run By: Amy

At a Glance

Well-meaning Sarah, with a good heart and a mouth like a seasoned sailor. Sarah works for the understaffed security company that keeps an underachieving eye on both buildings. She tries to pick up the slack and keep the residents and employees safe — or she would, if anything of interest ever passed by her monitors. She can usually be found camped out in the apartment's ground floor security room off the lobby at various hours of the day and night. She also happens to have a private investigation business going on the side, if you happen to know where to look.

(The laundry room. Her card's in the laundry room.)

Her Story So Far

That Time When She Said…


  • Sarah moved to Hickoryville when she was young and considers herself an honorary Pennsylvanian even though she retains a faint accent from her heritage that she defiantly vowed to keep forever from an early age.
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