Ex-Shel-Sha Priest Scavenger

  • Sav carries a large, sword-like weapon that is jagged on one side, which he insists he made himself on his homeworld and he refuses to part with the weapon no matter how many questions he receives about its convenience. In fact, it seems to hold some kind of sentimental meaning. He has, however, outfitted the weapon with a far more technologically advanced long-range add-on.
  • Bears scars on his face,  malformed cracks on the back of his upper arms, and has a uniquely Shel-Sha prosthetic right leg. He walks with a limp. 
  • Rarely speaks of events in his past that happened prior to traveling and scavenging, except for mention of formerly being a priest, which is how he learned some medicinal/healing practices.
  • Sav is friendly with the crew, even if cooler heads don't abide (his own included) in moments of conflict; he has a noble outlook and doesn't tend to hold grudges against allies — only enemies. His nearest friend on the ship is Paris. 
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