Sebastian Bey
Sebastian Bey
AKA Bas, Bastian, Ali
Portrayed By Rami Malek
Gender Male
Parentage Isis; The Pesedjet
Date of Birth 1989
Age 23
Occupation Retail
Known Relatives Hasina Bey (adoptive mother)
Significant Other None

Sebastian Farid Ali Bey, and his mother, run a clothing and repair shop in downtown Toronto. Ali, as he's known, works there as a tailor, doing the hemming and letting out of clothes.

"There is a fine line between coincidence and fate."

Written In Stone

Devoted worshipers in the cult of the Pesedjet, Issa and Hasina Yasin were beyond honored to be bestowed with the selection of Issa as the one Isis would lie with to conceive her son. The two were tasked with raising the child in the manner of their order, so that he might grow up knowledgeable and ready to wear the mantle of his birthright. Hasina never expected to doubt. She never could've dreamed that, as she raised the offspring of Isis, she would come to feel too strongly a maternal draw to the child. Neither could Issa have possibly conceived that his loyal, respectful, wife would harbor thoughts of taking the boy, Farid Ali, away from all of this, and from his destiny of ascension and war. As much as Hasina knew she loved her goddess, and would die for her, she knew that she could not let the child do the same; she saw his gentle, naive nature and fell prey to the urge to protect it at all costs.

She fled during the night, with a child Farid, bringing him out of their Egyptian homeland and into the States, and, then, gradually into Canada, merely following what scrappy jobs she could grab. There were nannying jobs for a while, but, still prideful, she could not bring herself to watch Farid — now Sebastian — live a life secondary to someone else's child, not after everything. So she gathered their funds and bought a tiny hole-in-the-wall store in Toronto, allowing them to both work and live. At first, Sebastian was a clumsy tailor, but he's gotten the hang of the task, and assigns himself to do with gusto and an eagerness to please that surrounds most of his interactions.

Through his mother's protectiveness, he roams not far, lacking friends and education, but he makes the most of it in the back of the shop where he sleeps, reading books. It's a cramped living, but it is on their own terms, and Hasina keeps it that way… and suspects that, despite her efforts, her son is being gotten to out of her reach.

It was thought, even while they were living in the cult's lands, that rarely seen Isis was visiting her offspring in his sleep, shaping his dreams and whispering to him great secrets that he could not fully understand the power of. Hints of these dreams would come out in guided conversation, and it was this sign that caused Hasina to finally flee: the suggestion that Isis had muttered into Farid's ear the true name of her brother, and husband, Osiris. Unable to create his own children, Osiris' powers would remain locked to earthly use, except for this one magician's trick. Now, this unwitting Toronto tailor may hold the power to everlasting life and resurrection for mankind.

However, gods and true names and wars that transcend planes are the furthest thing from Bast's mind; he's just hoping to survive this next year, while harboring his own plan to try and take a night community course at the local university, not expressly with his smothering mother's permission, if he can just figure out how to sneak his way out — he's got the funds set aside — but sneaking was never part of his learning curve in the past.



Egyptian Secrets

The enigmatic Isis' priorities have always been to herself first, and that is how she justifies a certain mystery when it comes to her activities and her decisions. Robbed of her child, she's deemed not to interfere, but continues to visit him while he sleeps, step by step unlocking his abilities for her own gain. Destiny, as it is, will not be stopped so easily.

Sweet Dreams Are Made Of These:

Lucky No. Isis The gift of preternatural good luck, manifesting as extremely appropriate timing. Bast may show up right when he's being talked about, arrive just in time to save someone falling off a ladder, or walk into a store as the 1,000,000th customer. As it exists, it is currently beyond his control. Future potential includes being able to influence events in one's favor.
Only Say the Word and I Shall be Healed Isis' great legacy: her extraordinary healing ability. This is not for Bast, when he is injured, but for all others; he can render extreme aid to the wounded, even to the dying, piecing those back together who would seem to be beyond hope, even by supernatural means. This requires a great price from Bast, but comes to him naturally, despite the effort needed to complete. Healing typically involves the laying on of hands, and at least some contact is necessary.
The Magic Touch Tied to the use of healing, Isis' power often comes from her control over the art of magic-using. This knowledge she has sneakily passed on into her offspring's subconscious.
Knight In Shining Armor Ability to cast protection around a limited number of others; currently, one, whom Bast must be touching. This protects a person from harm, both physical and magical, though it can be broken through by powerful attacks.
Green Thumb Though not on a supernatural level (unless enhanced by other means), Bast has a talent for making things grow. He likes plants, and they like him.
They Like Me, They Really Like Me Those who spend time around Bast grow affectionate towards him, willing to listen to what he says, and enjoying his company. In those with wicked intentions, this may enhance their desire to possess. Future potential suggests he may be able to influence others' opinions in subtle ways.
Osiris' True Name (rumored) ???
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  • Bast has never actually attended a museum dance party.
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