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The Collective

Races: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7

Seven main races in Collective Space that formed a unified council (NOT THE WORD - THINK OF THE ONE YOU LIKED BETTER) to oversee galactic affairs. As the Black began to strip worlds on the borders, the council at first maintained balance and oversaw refugees, but as the danger increased so too did species' selfishness and what ones weren't wiped out or made homeless when their homeworlds were destroyed by the creeping menace retreated to their own lands.

The Expanses

The Northern, Southern, Western, and Eastern Expanses are the universes surrounding the borders of what was deemed 'Collective' territory. Collective Space used to look after and govern these places as well, but they've since been abandoned and left to increasing crime and poverty as the Black encroaches near.


Homeworld: Yjiban (???)

A semi-aquatic, bipedal, mammalian, and highly advanced race, the Itaxians are known for their useful technology more than their culture, which is quite protected. They produce and sell high-quality devices, weapons, land and water vehicles, assistive robots and androids among other things, but rarely associate with those outside of their factory colonies throughout the Collective Space except to arrange business. Their physical builds tend to be slight, white-to-grey, long-limbed with four slightly webbed digits. Their black eyes are sensitive to bright light.

Characters: Mau7 (android Itaxian copy)

The Shel-Sha


Homeworld: Shassaro (Collective Space)

The Shel-Sha evolved from silicon-based organisms within the mineral-rich rock matrix of their home planet eons ago, essentially growing into lifeforms that appear to be made of organic glass. As they evolved and gained intelligence, they also evolved to adapt to their ever-changing world and its increasing number of visitors and the invasive flora and fauna they brought with them. They become a chameleon species whose unique biology allowed them to mimic the rough structure and general biology of other living things by imprinting it onto themselves (typically only once, in their early life). Therefore, though the Shel-Sha today could appear like a hundred different creatures, they can be differentiated by their "glassy" attributes, as they cannot grow things like natural keratin for hair, nails, or scales. The glassiest parts of their bodies are like sensors to changes in light and temperature, acting as sight. Shel-Sha physiology can be resistant to many forms of medical aid and technology, but they do have regenerative properties.

The eclectic villages of Shel-Sha on Shassaro keep to themselves, having formed a monk-like, spiritual culture that eschews technological advancements and space travel. A small outpost and several other small communities of other races exist on the small planet, often a hot-zone for criminal activity as it's known that the Shel-Sha are typically peaceful pacifists.

Characters: Sav


Homeworld: Nassar (Muo System - Western Expanse)

Rather than refer to individuals, the Nassar identify as one large entity, sharing experiences and finding it difficult to understand other species' concepts of ownership and separation. When they were discovered in first contact, unable to distinguish the meaning, they gave the same name to themselves as well as their entire planet. Nassarians obey a cultural pilgrimage that asks them to leave Nassar to discover knowledge to bring back to the collective whole. Many other species find them unnerving to be around, but they are often considered wise councilors.

Characters: Paris (on his mother's side)


Homeworld: Nuum (Collective Space)

Gillan society operates under a strict class separation determined mainly by birth. The upper class, distinguishable by their long and sensual brains, are highly respected throughout Collective Space, while the lower class remains stuck in menial labor and lacking education. These lower class are also required to keep their brains trimmed to signify their position, a painful and embarrassing practice that leaves a good portion of the Gillan race unable to form significant long term memories or form complex thoughts. To defy tradition means exile: no true Gillan will ever acknowledge your existence again.

Characters: Ula


Homeworld: (Collective Space)

When the original Mesa initiated first contact with the Lurg, they were unprepared for any kind of space travel. Large, beast-like, and uneducated, they were harvested from their planet to serve as manual labor for the beautiful Mesan structures back on —-. It turned out, however, that the Lurg were just as capable of higher thinking as any other species and they eventually won their freedom after centuries of servitude. However, by then, the knowledge of their home planet was lost with the great Mesan exodus and they've become one of the five species that makes up New Mesa.

Characters: Giles


Homeworld: (Collective Space)

Ancient Mesan culture tends to be romanticized nowadays due to their high intelligence and the gorgeous ruins left behind of their buildings. They were also responsible for the Sanctuary class ships — capable of a technological understanding no one has since managed to replicate.

New Mesa is a strange, eclectic mix due to the range of alien species that the ancient Mesans took from their home planet and transplanted there. Many species now make up the 'race'. It is known as a central hub of activity and trade but has suffered from severe civil wars in the past.



Homeworld: Earth (Sol System - Eastern Expanse)


Characters: Paris



Characters: Taran



Characters: Captain

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