MS Sanctuaries YFB-1-20

  • Composed of a central "core" beneath the Bridge, located a few decks above, with two identical attachments on either side of quarters for numerous refugees plus the crew.
  • Sanctuaries used to employ an ancient technology allowing a compatible pilot to interface with the ship's core, creating a bond that made them nearly impossible to beat both defensively and offensively. For this, most Sanctuaries have been converted into military ships, with the interface system replicated imperfectly through a variety of artificial means.
  • The Sanctuary class ships were all created and operated by the ancient Mesans, whose exodus lost the universe the ability to interface organically.


  • A pilot can only interface once. He becomes linked to his ship and non-compatible to other systems. The Mesans occasionally had a pilot be present for much of the building process so that the ship could imprint on them early on and reduce the chance of rejection.
  • The pilot suffers injury related to any damage done to the ship if the bond is tight enough.
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