Chosen Name: Spike
Other Names: William "The Bloody" Pratt, Captain Peroxide, Blondie Bear
Age: 127
Race: Vampire
Position: The Big Bad
Affiliation: Spike, The Scoobies, Team Angel
Bloodline: Darla » Angel » Drusilla

"Can't any one of your damned little Scooby club at least try to remember that I hate you all?"

Spike is a lying, scheming, irritating, bitterly sarcastic, sometimes ruthlessly evil, sometimes a champion for good, eternally dangerous, unapologetically selfish, incredibly violent vampire with a tendency to play as many sides of the fence as inhumanly possible.

He also happens to be Love's Bitch.


Being well over a hundred years old, there's a lot that can be said about Spike's history. He's been through quite a few somethings and a little bit of everything. Each and every major event in his life can be traced back to someone that has made a significant impact, good or bad, in his life. Or his un-life.


Before there was Spike there was William Pratt. He had a comfortably ineffectual life as a gentleman and grew up with some strange feelings for his inattentive mother. By the time he was around thirty years old, he was still living with his mother and struggling to fit into London's high society. Granted, his knack for writing “bloody awful” poetry is what earned him the nickname William The Bloody. This nickname would take on a very different meaning not too long after.

William had a soft spot in his heart for a woman named Cecily Addams, though his advances were not well received at all and he was relentlessly heckled. Embarrassed and despondent, William wandered the streets until he found himself in the arms of Drusilla, a vampire. Alone and crying, William was seduced by Drusilla and soon found himself being transformed into a vampire, as Drusilla was in dire need of a playmate.

Once William dug himself out of his grave, he partied with Drusilla for several days. There was much alcohol and human blood consumption. Back to William's residence and invited in by a live-in servant, William turned his mother, Anne, being incapable of seeing his mother continue to suffer from tuberculosis. This proved to be a bad idea, as this twisted vampire version of his mother claimed to despise him and that William had a gross sexual fascination with her. Traumatized, William was forced to stake his mother.

William took on a whole new un-life with Drusilla, becoming ecstatic over his newfound vampiric abilities and completely abandoned the horrid Victorian lifestyle that he was hopelessly a slave to when he was living. Taking on a new style and attitude, William became a rebel and adopted a working class North London accent. He threw his un-life into impulsiveness and violence, criminal activities and took to torturing his victims with railroad spikes, which is what gave him the nickname and eternal moniker: Spike.

The Gang

Spike become the fourth of a group that consisted of Drusilla, her sire Angelus and Angelus' sire Darla. Together, the four of them tore through Europe and Asia for almost two decades. Spike was completely devoted to Drusilla, which created some major friction between himself and Angelus. Even though they worked well as a group, Spike clashed heavily with Angelus over the style of terror that would be used to tear up the countryside. Spike's violence was always more for amusement and the rush, taking on obstacles and confrontations that could make him dead for an added thrill.

During all of this time, Angelus continued his sexual relationship with Drusilla, which only served to piss Spike off more and more. Still, though, Spike could only continuously antagonize and get underneath Angelus' skin. Regardless of their weird father/son/sibling/vindictive former lovers styled relationship, Spike and Angelus had become two of the most feared creatures during those days. And what days they were…

In 1890, the four of them saw Giselle, a ballet, in St. Petersburg, Russia.

In 1894, they tore up Rome and encountered a truly annoying being known as the Immortal. Someone, to this day, that Spike continues to have a rivalry with.

In October of 1898, they slaughtered their way through Borsa, Romania. It was around this time that Angelus was cursed by gypsies and regained his soul, but Spike was not privy to this information. There were more important things to focus on, like a massacre.

Come November of 1898, Spike's un-life would change forever. Again.


London is where Spike's hatred of and rivalry with Dracula began. He stumbled upon Dracula in a book store and the book itself contained very inconvenient information on how to kill vampires. Ridiculously priced at 11 pounds, Spike was forced to pay for it as a gift for Drusilla. But Drusilla's fascination with Dracula didn't stop there, which only meant that Spike's hatred would continue as well.

One thing led to another and there was a confrontation between Dracula and Spike at their townhouse. Spike had some serious issues with Dracula's book, so much so that the hurled the fabricated rubbish into the fireplace. Darla attempted to calm things by offering Dracula leadership of their group, but this only infuriated Spike more. He was fully capable of leading them to violent victory! Anyway, Spike demanded his eleven pounds from Dracula. Dracula's response was thralling Drusilla. Spike's response to that was attacking Dracula. Dracula's response was throwing Spike into a fire. Spike escaped through a window, hating Dracula the entire time.

With Drusilla and Darla poised to be his brides, Dracula fled to Yorkshire. Spike followed, of course, clearly intent on getting his Dru back, as only an obsessed bastard such as Spike could do. Before Drusilla and Darla could kill themselves, as Dracula had hypnotized them to do, an angry mob of literary proportions swarmed Dracula's mansion and Spike helped the girls to escape, leaving a letter of 'Nyah Nyah' for Dracula.

Yeah, Spike really hates Dracula.

Xin Rong

Spike's first Slayer kill was during the Boxer Rebellion. Her name was Xin Rong. He took her out during a visit to Beijing with Drusilla. She gave him the scar on his left eyebrow, which stayed with him forevermore.


Spike and Dru continued their tirade of amusement and mayhem for many years. While they would separate sometimes for their own adventures, like dealing with Hitler and Dracula, they would always reunite. During the next years, Spike was framed for the Black Dahlia murder, accidentally released Dracula from imprisonment, went to prison himself for tax evasion, attended Woodstock and fed off a flower child for his first LSD Induced Blood High. He watched his hand move for hours.

Nikki Wood

New York in 1977 proved to be another significant date in Spike's extended un-life, as this was where he battled and killed his second Slayer, Nikki Wood. Victorious, Spike took the dead Slayer's black leather duster, which became his signature coat for decades.

Since speaking of Prague is forbidden, we'll skip right to the part where Spike and Drusilla end up in a little place called: Sunnydale. Sunnydale proved to be a very interesting place for Spike, as it was the birthplace of a lot of heartache, obsession surrounding one person in particular. One Slayer in particular…


Spike's first encounter with Buffy culminated with him trying to kill her and her friends in her own school. He also encountered Angel(wuss) at this time and even got hit in the head with an axe by Buffy's mum. Uncool.

Spike continued in his early obsession with killing Buffy, making sure that both he and Drusilla became serious enemies in her life. One of their many battles ended up with Spike being brutally injured and he spent way too many months in a wheelchair, unable to walk.

Angelus returned thanks to a little horizontal polka with Buffy and Spike was none too happy with the new living arrangement between himself, Angelus and his Drusilla. So he made a horrid deal with Buffy to get rid of Angelus so he could get his Drusilla back. Shockingly enough, Spike held up his end of the bargain and fled with Drusilla to Brazil.

Brazil was none too kind to Spike as Drusilla cheated on him and sent him into a spiraling depression that flung him right back to Sunnydale. This is where he attempted to force Willow to make him a love spell to cast on Drusilla. Eventually though, after an intense fight with the Slayer, Spike decided to just torture Drusilla into loving him again. So he left. Again.

Once again, Spike returned to Sunnydale alone, this time searching for the Gem of Amarra, which would make him invulnerable to all of his vampiric weaknesses. Needless to say, while he did manage to get his hands on it, it wasn't for long thanks to that wanker Angel.

Captured by a government Initiative, Spike was implanted with a microchip that caused him crippling pain whenever he attempted to harm a human. Forced to go to the Scoobies for protection, Spike's life spiraled into a shaky allegiance with his former foes. While he still despised them all, they occasionally worked together. Though, most of the time was spent with him tearing each of them down emotionally.

Eventually, Spike realized that the chip didn't stop him from harming demons and he worked that angle to the best of his ability. He found a new lease on his un-life, which kept him from falling back into the suicidal depression that his impotent biting state had him in. He even assists the Scoobies with saving the world a couple of times. Sickening, right?

It gets worse. Spike realizes that, of all things, he has fallen in love with the Slayer. He starts actively participating in Scooby Gang activities and finding excuses to be around Buffy. He also gets in good with Buffy's sister, Dawn and it becomes this whole big thing. Which kind of ends the moment Buffy decides she wants to Save The World by killing herself. What a Gift, right?

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Spike is a textbook vampiric paradox, if there even is such a thing. A constant challenger of the traditions and conventions of being a vampire, Spike ignores the limitations that his giftly curse bestows upon him. There are elements of humanity that he cannot give up on, such as love and loyalty. There's an incredibly strong streak of loyalty and honor that exists within Spike. Love is the biggest motivator of Spike, as it is his love of certain people that push him into different actions. His loyalty is directly connected to those that he loves and there tends to be little, save supernatural brainwashing, that can change those emotions.


It's not only love that drives Spike, but his lust for violence is also a key element of his personality. An adrenaline junkie through and through, Spike lives for the fight and even the chance of a good brawl. He enjoys it to the point that violence is, literally, therapeutic to him. While he has a very deep love for mindless destruction and rampant violence, Spike is way more intelligent than people give him credit for. He's extremely astute when it comes to relationships and life, using supreme analytical skills and insight to give people words of wisdom whether they like it or not.

Spike comes with a sarcastic sense of humor that normally is filled with insults and jabs at anyone and everyone. His vampiric persona is built on the opposite of the ideals he held true as a human, giving him a swagger that's unpredictable. Spike only lives by one set of rules, his own and will go out of his way to make sure that everyone understands that. Deep down within himself, he has a need to prove himself to anyone that may be doubting his Big Bad state. This is something that he will never admit. To anyone.

When it comes down to it, Spike is all about Spike. Sure there are loves of his unlife, but they are always an equal measure to Spike himself. Perhaps because of his newfound obsession with The Slayer, Spike is more of a jaded good guy than anything else, but he still insists on living up to his previous image; a selfish attitude and following his own set of rules. Thus he comes off as the same ol' Spike more often than not.

Spike is an avid lover of pop culture. He embraces it and it shows. He is almost always ready to make a reference to one of his favorite shows or just pop culture trivia in general. He has embraced the change in technology and lifestyles over the years and looks forward to whatever new changes may come forth in any and all dimensions.

Vampire Abilities

Spike is a Vampire. With that comes a lot of special abilities.

Vampire Physiology

Once sired, a human's soul leaves their body and it is taken over by a demonic entity. This makes the vampire, in technical terms, “undead” as they are somewhere between living and death. There are certain elements to being a vampire that are crucial to their genetic make up.

  • Requires mammalian blood to maintain their strength. Human blood is at the top of this list, but any mammal's blood will do. Supernatural humanoid's blood is also nourishing and may provide added benefits, such as Slayer blood. Feeding on other demonic blood is a major no-no, though. And pretty damn gross.
  • Vampires roar and hiss of varying degrees when angry or as an intimidation tactic.
  • All vampires have a “Vamp Face” which mainly occurs voluntarily. However, emotional states such as anger, sexual arousal or sudden, unexpected injury.
  • Vampires lack a heart beat, but blood does flow within their bodies, allowing them to be rendered unconscious or to become intoxicated.
  • Vampire bodies perform motor functions better than humans. Vampires end up with enhanced speed, agility and reflexes. They are vastly superior to humanity in every physical way.
  • Vampire's generate no heat while at rest. Spike's general body temperature is 62.3F.
  • Vampire's lungs don't absorb air. Therefore, they cannot be drowned or anything similar, as they do not need air to survive. Also, this affords them protection against harmful gases.
  • Vampires are immune to diseases. If someone has a disease as a human, they are cured of it when they become a vampire.
  • Vampire bodies heal in the same fashion as human bodies, but at a supernaturally faster rate. They can be scarred with enchanted objects or weapons strong enough to do such things. They can also suffer excruciating trauma, such as being put into a coma, which can render them unconscious. They are unable to regenerate lost limbs, but it is possible to have them reattached.
  • Vampires do not have a life force. Their brains do not generate the same qualities as the human brain. Evil Fashion Goddesses cannot feed on vampires. Sorry Glory!
  • Vampires cast no reflection in reflective substances, which means things like mirrors and water. This gives them an immunity to telepathy as the thoughts exist but they don't cast a reflection into the mind of those that may want to read them. Various styles of film can record vampires, though.
  • Vampire hair continues to grow even though they are clinically dead. It can also be bleached for drastic styling purposes.
  • Vampires can cry, so their tear ducts are fully functional. Nerve endings and pain preceptors work extremely well, because stuff hurts like a mother.
  • Vampires are not impervious to magic. Which kinda' sucks, but there it is.

Vampiric Aging

As vampires are not alive, they don't have the ill-fated luxury of aging the way living humans do. They do get added benefits (and curses) with age, though.

  • Vampire Strength, Agility, Senses, Intelligence, Speed and Endurance all improves with age. The older a vampire gets, the more powerful their abilities become.
  • Vampires can lose their human visage after many, many, many, many, many years. Like, centuries worth. Whew.

Vampiric Strength

Vampires have superhumanly augmented strength, which makes them incredibly stronger than mortals. Exact strength benchmarks are unavailable, as each vampire's strength is different depending on age and other supernatural factors.

  • Vampires are capable of throwing human bodies up to 25ft away.
  • Spike, personally, is strong enough to break through wooden doors and hinder metal, though he cannot fully bend it.
  • Vampires can feed off the blood of enhanced humans and humanoids to give themselves an extreme boost in their already incredible strength.
  • Slayer Blood gives vampires an aphrodisiac styled high.

Vampiric Senses

Nocturnal creatures by supernatural nature, vampires are given enhanced hearing, night vision and a sense of smell. This makes them top notch predators in the supernatural food chain.

  • Vampires are very sensitive to the scent of blood, capable of distinguishing humans and other vampires from each other just by this fact.
  • Spike has a very advanced, even for a vampire, sense of smell. He's capable of tracking down people or finding his enemies with just his sense of smell. Vampire Bloodhound.

Sunlight Tolerance

Perhaps due to his carefree attitude towards sunlight, Spike has built up a small tolerance towards the sun. While he will still engulf into flames when exposed, it takes him a handful of seconds longer to actually catch fire.

Vampiric Weaknesses

While vampires are bestowed special abilities, they also come with a series of classic weaknesses that will remove them from their un-life or just hinder their existence to the point of supernatural inconvenience. Others are just plain annoying.

  • Vampires can find themselves to be affected by drugs and poisons, just like humans. However, lethal poisons cannot kill them. This also means vampires can get intoxicated. The effects of different poisons and drugs work differently on vampire physiology than they do on humans.
  • Vampires are susceptible to major injuries and can even take a long time to heal, though it is still faster than normal humans. They suffer the same process of broken bones and such as humanity does.
  • Vampires can be killed by wooden objects impaled into their heart, decapitation, exposure to direct sunlight or they are consumed by fire. When they die, vampires and their clothing turn to dust within seconds.
  • Holy Items such as crosses, bibles and holy water burn vampires on contact. These cause nothing but moderate pain to vampires, as they are simply wards against the creatures of the night. However, if ingested, holy water can be lethal to vampires.
  • Garlic may or may not have ill effects towards vampires.
  • Vampires must be invited into a private residence, by someone that lives in that residence, before they can enter. Once invited, vampires can come and go as they please, unless the invitation is revoked by magic spells.

Trade Secrets

Fighting Ability: Spike is an amazing fighter, to the point that he's actually been able to kill two Slayers in his day. This is something that is pretty impressive among demons and other supernatural entities. Spike fights with an unorthodox brawler style, though still is highly knowledgable in a variety of martial arts practices from across the globe, as well as dimensional portals. He is also very well versed in the use of weaponry ranging from melee to firearms.

Strategist: Cunning and clever, Spike doesn't look it but he is a very practiced strategist. He is capable of coming up with very clever plans and strategies, even to the point of being exhibiting strong leadership potential. The down side is that plans and strategies usually bore him and if he's able, he'll screw up his own ideas, just to shake off impatience.

Languages: Spike can speak and understand Latin, Luganda and Fyral Demon. He's capable of understanding some of the other supernatural languages, but his comprehension of those may or may not be perfect. It's always hit or miss.


Supernatural Expertise: Having been around for over a century, Spike has vast knowledge on almost all things supernatural, from vampires to werewolves to demons and Hells. If there's something supernatural going on, chances are Spike will know what's up.

Criminal Activities: Spike has many years under his belt when it comes to criminal activities, such as breaking and entering, picking pockets, stealing cars, armed robbery and the list can go on and on. His extended life has allowed him to master a lot of these things. This extends even into white collar crimes such as tax evasion. Spike has dabbled in it all at some point in his unlife.

Technology Competence: Being from the 1800s, Spike has managed to adapt to the technology marvels quite well. Perhaps his passion for going against the grain of vampiric tradition affords him a learning curve when it comes to technology, but he can pick up on how to work things fairly quickly.

Literary Knowledge: Left over from his days as a human, Spike is well-read and capable of quoting literature, limericks, poetry and other things. He's very knowledgable in this subject, regardless of how he lets himself seem.

Vehicle Operation: Spike can operate almost any modern automobile, from motorcycles to cars to even Winnebagos.

Gambling: Spike has a century of gambling experience underneath his belt. It's safe to say he's pretty damn amazing at games of chance, primarily focused within the realms of Pool and Poker.

Analytical Insight: Spike has incredible observation skills, especially when it comes to the interactions between people and things of that nature. He's very well versed in being able to analyze a situation, combat techniques or just knowing things in general, based upon the information presented to his eyes. This analytical mind gives him an edge.

Psychological Warfare: Spike is an expert at playing mind games. His ability to turn a situation around or into something he can benefit from, simply by poking and prodding at his enemies and their insecurities is something that he excels at.

Reputation: From time to time, Spike being Spike may afford him some leeway or some clout within the supernatural community. Case-by-Case basis.

High Pain Tolerance: Spike has been able to withstand and survive through self-inflicted burns, various forms of torture of varying degrees and living with Xander Harris.

Style: The Original. Sod off, Billy Idol.

Once More With Feeling

♫ Welcome To Hell - Goodnight Nurse
♫ Love Kills - The Ramones
♫ Real Wild Child - Iggy Pop
♫ I Love Playing With Fire - The Runaways


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