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Pieces of History (Characters)

Characters can literally be from any part of the world and period of time in history, from the earliest homo sapiens to the future beyond ours (to a degree). It's possible for a medieval king to live alongside a Prohibition gangster, an early Aboriginal alongside a blue collar worker from 2013. The variety of characters to choose from is almost endless. Use it!

Characters should be as historically accurate to their year as possible, keeping in mind that we're not all history buffs, nor could we know every detail from history; some leaps can be taken, as long as it's plausible. The same thing goes for characters who are taken straight from history — it's possible to use a real life historical figure as a character and have fun with their portrayal as long as it's realistic enough. Modern/current figures and celebrities are discouraged, however. (No Barack Obama or Jensen Ackles Dinosaur Hunter.)

When it comes to characters from our future, details will come forward as they're created.

Lots of dinosaur fodder characters are encouraged!

Run your character idea by Amy, who rules over this theme like a pack of raptors.

Note on language: chances are, some characters are going to speak different languages. A character from the future will carry advanced technology that will allow them to understand each other, modulating the general language to English. Within this, though, different dialects and accents can exist. Someone from ancient times may use different words or leave out some modifiers. Everyone would not use the same slang. If a character is from before language became complex, the modulator will only help them understand bits and pieces of others and speak using only terms they can express.

The Theme

The world these characters are falling into through no act of their own is difficult. It's brutal, primitive, and dangerous. It's unforgiving. It's bloody. While dinosaurs roam the earth, this is a theme about humanity, at its core; the goal is to survive, and to do that, characters must coexist, work together through conflicts, find hope, and figure out not only how to live another day, but how to start over in a new world with extremely limited resources. They have to reinvent humanity. It's meant to be a gritty theme with room for epic adventure and realism. And dinosaurs!

Arriving in the Dinosaur Age

A human being thrust into the new (old) world experiences several minutes of a disorienting dream-like state and "wakes up" to their new surroundings. Very little time has passed for them; in their life one moment, here the next. The "first wave" will appear at the same time, slightly spread apart from one another.

Whatever is on their body at the time is transported with them (clothes, contents of their pockets, weapons, etc.). Think carefully about what they have, for it may very well shape what happens in the new world.

If they are touching another living thing/person at the time, that being may also travel with them. Note that this secondary being might suffer physical and/or mental consequences (talk to Amy).

The Dinosaurs



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