Survival Setting
The Late Cretaceous Era
a.k.a. right now

It goes without saying that the age is vastly different from the one we know. Still, it's not alien; there are recognizable types of geography and trees, ferns and areas such as dense forests, swamps and open spaces.

  • The climate is warm and humid. Our newcomers will be stepping into an average temperature of about 37 C (99 F) with only the mildest winds.
  • The water is also warmer.
  • The air has a higher oxygen content than the modern day. Not only will this be noticeable to breathe in, things catch on fire a lot more easily. Agitating flammable materials can and will result in more than a spark.


  • Contrary to old dinosaur art, there aren't green fields of short grass. There may be small clusters of tall grass, which are probably hiding something bitey and/or are the food source of something big.


  • Amy is the ruler of dinosaurs.

era in progress

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