The Village Playhouse

Telephone: +1 (416) 767-7702
E-mail: ten.sreyalpegalliv|ofni#ten.sreyalpegalliv|ofni

Current Performance: "Queen Milli of Galt", January 11 - February 2, 2013

The entrance from the street is below ground level, leading to some confusion, and the installation of a red sign announcing THEATRE and an arrow pointing down. From there, parking nearby is generally easy and cheap, and the theatre inside is cozy, rarely claustrophobic, despite its small size. Productions vary, from well-known pieces to new writers, from great dramas to "The Rocky Horror Show". A noted downside is that you can occasionally hear the subway as it passes by during performances.


♪ The theatre's set design is done by resident Zen expert, Jill Rey.
♪ Is about 16 minutes drive away from the University of Toronto, which shares many talents between its theatre programs.

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