"The cries of the dead are terrible indeed; you should try not to hear them."
Portrayed By Ryan Robbins
Gender Male
Species Demon
Date of Birth 1975
Age 38
Position Inmate, Millhaven Institution; Convicted Felon
Known Relatives None

Innocent until proven guilty was a long time ago.

A convicted felon, serving out his sentence in a maximum security prison in Ontario, a demon among mortal prisoners and treated just the same as any murderer with the blood of innocents on their hands.

And mouth.

He had aspirations, once.

He had dreams.

Even demons dream, don't they.

What Is Known to One World


Theo Montreau never made much of a mark on the world until he became known as a murderer.

He was nothing, nobody, until one day in the last decade. Once, he wanted to be a writer. He appeared in dusty writing circles, a quiet ghost of a man. His words appeared in local Toronto magazines, on real paper, that perhaps thirty people read. Even after his fifteen minutes of fame, no one cared about those unpolished stories. They only cared about one.

He crept through each alley and side-street, following her perfume in the March air so cold it choked all but that scent. Up ahead in the garish glow of 24-hour convenience stores and delis, the man and woman looked as spectres, but it was he who was made of nothing. He became the streets themselves, the ground under their feet, the shadows they cast. They wrapped arms heavy with winter coats around one another as if they were light as air, as carefree as children, not aware that they were going to die …

Eventually, faster than they would righteously admit, the public even forgot about that.

They forgot about the man who was viciously attacked, his throat cut, who died instantly in a dank church basement. They forgot about his beautiful wife, who nearly died in the same bloody assault, along with her unborn child, only to survive and go mad. They remembered the bloody, guilty face of Theo Montreau most of all, or at least, they could imagine it. They called him a cannibal, and then they carried on with their lives while he rotted jail.

At first, he insisted on his innocence; quietly, and with little conviction, to the ears of the jury and even his lawyer. The pastor who walked in on the scene of the crime described it as "the work of the devil made flesh": Theo was found next crouched over the half-conscious body of Henrietta Majors, who lay next to her seconds-dead husband Jorah, the murder weapon at his feet. Theo's face was buried in the woman's wounds until he was startled to coherent thought.

The trial was not long. It quickly came out that the main — and only — suspect had known the victims and was thought to have been stalking them; not just that night, but others, for weeks prior. Theo's lawyer argued that he had been concerned for his friends Jorah and Henrietta; that he had been trying to protect them from an unknown threat who meant them harm. He also argued that Theo was trying to help Henrietta when the pastor walked in that night; that he slipped. Henrietta named him as her attacker and her husband's killer; his lawyer questioned her mental state, her traumatic madness growing with every passing day.

None of it stuck.

Doctors diagnosed him with "generalized dystonia", explaining some of occasional strange movements after being detained; it had nothing to do with anything. Theo was psychologically evaluated for his strange, aberrant, hungry behaviour when discovered on-scene, but was determined to be sane.

He was also discovered to have ties to organized crime. Local mob members interviewed either refused knowledge of him or implied he could rot for what he did to those poor people.

Some of the evidence was odd. Most of it was stacked against him. The in-progress story found in a notebook in his apartment became the key to his prison cell.

In court, he was quiet, vague, sullen, uncooperative, and found guilty.

He was incarcerated in the Millhaven Institution, a maximum security facility in Bath, Ontario to serve a sentence for First Degree Murder, Attempted Murder and other assorted felonies.

And then, in an ever-changing, fast-paced, media hungry world, he was forgotten.

By most.

What Is Known to the Other


Several generations ago, an immigrant group of demons planted their roots in Toronto. A dying subset, they had arrived to interbreed and spread their seed the metropolis. Their old, mutated blood did not mix well with the natives as they had hoped.

Theo "Montreau" — a fabricated human name — was born to the last leg of this family. Through that diminishing, mangled bloodline, increasingly frail family and poor luck, their newest son was, in their words, "born wrong".

Along with what they perceived to be a sullen temperament, he was struck with a disability humans would describe as a neurological movement disorder; in a very inhuman manner, however, it inflicted itself most intensely upon the demon when he became too hungry. While he lacked the scope of power of his demonic ancestors, he inherited their distinct hunger — undeniable need — for flesh and blood, along with the ability to get it.

His family decided their purpose was for naught and left the city, leaving Theo behind of his own choosing. This was his home. He grew up into the society of a local demon mob, while maintaining a dull, struggling human life. He was intensely private. He never rose through the ranks, nor did he leave a particularly lasting impression … until that one day, later on.

He was the messenger of things of little import, the driver of those more important than he, the odd-jobber of deplorable odd jobs, perpetually cast in the role of Scrawny Thug #5. And he never complained. Not a word. Nor did he ever try to raise above his typecast. He found a passing interest and rough talent in tattooing and piercing, which he was easily convinced into sticking to when he was told to tattoo members of the mob. A lesser demon himself, he seemed both wary and tremendously respectful of demonic individuals who were most powerful, especially those in personal league with Lucifer. He kept his head down.

And then he broke an unspoken rule.

The man who died in the church basement was a satyr, one of the goat-like friends of Dionysus and Pan, a personally friendly face and minstrel around the demons' favoured hang-outs; the satyr's lover, the injured woman, whom he tried to feed upon, a rare nymph.

What little loyalty they had in return for the ever-loyal demon-brother…

They forgot.

What Is Happening Now


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Encylopaedia Demonica


In the Phillipines, Theo's breed of demons became known as the Aswang (frequently confused with other creatures that haunt the countryside, to this day), though their Hellish origins are broader. They've cropped up in other various myths across continents, tangled in all of the usual demonic and vampiric stories. While they were once considered a powerful subset of demons, it has been many centuries since that has been the case.

They are said to be able to change their appearance at will, including taking the forms of other creatures, especially domesticated. Some can sprout animalistic wings and fly in their original shape, and they have sharp teeth and long tongues for eating humans — alive or as cadavers.

Theo retains very few of these qualities. Defective, as demons go, he is nevertheless stronger and stranger than a human, and must eat in the way of his ancestors. He cannot change fly or change shape beyond minor, instinctive changes — mostly for devouring. Among a few other demonic traits, he is preternaturally fast and elusive.

The Miscellany

Theo is housed in the J Unit of Millhaven Institution (aka "Thrill Haven"), which is considered one of the most dangerous places in Canada's prison system:

MSU (J unit) houses violent offenders, and is not integrated. (no sex offenders or informants) Many lifers are also housed in MSU. It is considered "gladiator school" and convicts who serve time there are revered in the criminal subculture.

It is rumoured that Millhaven is built on a native burial ground and will be "forever cursed, and a place of turmoil": perhaps so. Theo is not the only demon on its intimidating grounds.

Music for a Demon's Soul

Whether or not demons have a soul.


Mumford & Sons -- "Ghosts That We Knew"

So lead me back

Turn south from that place

And close my eyes to my recent disgrace.

Bleeker Ridge -- "Small Town Dead"

I can't stay for the blame and the broken-hearted

With my back against the wall

Oh no here we go like it never ended.

Calexico -- "Black Heart"

Fangs are stuck inside my skin

Payne county line, watching unjust claims

One man's righteousness is another man's long haul, sentence carried out.

Florence + the Machine -- "Breath of Life"

Whose side am I on?

Whose side am I?

She Wants Revenge -- "Tear You Apart"

It's just like the others it'll go away

Or maybe this is danger and he just don't know

Your pray it all away but it continues to grow.

Sia -- "Breathe Me"

I think that I might break

I've lost myself again and I feel unsafe

Be my friend.

Imagine Dragons -- "Radioactive"

We're painted red to fit right in


I'm breaking in, shaping up, then checking out of the prison bars.

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club -- "Beat the Devil's Tattoo"

I thread the needle through

You beat the devil's tattoo.

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