University Of Toronto

Address: Old Toronto, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Mascot: Trevor True Blue
Enrollment: 46,050 (2010)
Founded: March 15, 1827
Province: Ontario
Colors: Blue, White

Students at the University of Toronto have access to a greater variety of academic programs than at any other university in Canada.

With the help of faculty and staff, students can tailor their university experience from more than 800 different undergraduate programs and more than 400 different graduate and professional programs. In all of these programs, students learn directly from some of the world's top professors — teachers with a track record of discovery, collaboration, and innovation.

Undergraduate students at U of T have the opportunity to become actively involved in research and discovery. And to provide the best possible environment for study and learning, U of T is broken down into many smaller learning communities: three welcoming campuses, seven undergraduate colleges, and a range of faculties, schools and centres.

We invite our students to create a unique and personal learning experience.


✚ The University of Toronto has more than 707 student clubs across all three campuses
✚ The University of Toronto has 32 libraries
✚ Most of our international students come from China, South Korea, United States, India and Hong Kong. We also have a significant number of students from Pakistan, Malaysia, Japan, Saudi Arabia, and the United Kingdom.
✚ The University has three campuses: St. George, Scarborough, Mississauga.

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