Portrayed By Antonio Cupo
Gender Male
Parentage Ogoun (Father) The Loa, Tiazolteotl (Mother) The Atzlanti
Date of Birth
Age Immortal
Occupation Destruction
Significant Other None
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The Dark gods Ogoun and Tiazolteotl came together in a storm of like minds, different worlds, rage, and lust. Both judicious in their own right, their union was sanctioned by Tiazolteotl herself after Ogoun questioned what they had done; as the Pardoner of Sins, she declared their carnal adultery sacred and benign, that no harm would come of their union, as she would bless them and rid them of their transgressions in ritual. Even the Goddess of Adulterers was wrong in this: it is said that nothing could stop the birth of their son, Vora, from being born into the blessed waters of that very ritual.

The Warrior, The Absolver, The Condemner: powerful, oft contradicting, monikers have followed the Titan of heated mixed Loa and Atzlanti blood since he began violently carving a name for himself in the world.

A powerful warrior, he has scourged many battlefields and massacred many men, armed, by his very birth, with the strength, immortality, and twisted powers passed down from his mother and father. Fueled by the primal nature that rages in all Titans, Vora was always aggressive, temperamental, and unstable. An alpha male of his kind, a natural leader, a spark to an easy flame of their combined violence when they care to gather. He has always had, however, an edge to his mind — easily lost in the dark desires of the moment, but when honed, sharp enough to give him fleeting touches of foresight. It's this edge of self-possession that has led this Titan into habits of luring mortals into his traps; abominations of purification rituals that would make his mother cringe.



Mother, Tiazolteotl » Eater of Filth, goddess of sexuality and illicit love and overindulgence, provoker and pardoner of licentiousness — punishes and pardons adulterers, cleanses newborns of their parents' transgressions.

Father, Ogoun » fiery god of iron, hunting, war and politics, the patron of smiths; healer of blood diseases, violently possesses his summoners.

  • Metal can be shaped as easily as wet clay and heated as if in a kiln by his touch.
  • Weapons of metal become more powerful and indestructible when he wields them.
  • Brute physical force versus Vora comes up against a Titan's strength plus his extreme durability: it equates running into a ton of pure iron.
  • He is immune to diseases or elixirs, magical or otherwise, that are transmitted via the blood; Vora has been rumoured to be the cause of a handful of deadly plagues of the blood in centuries past by turning his father's ability to heal blood-borne diseases on its head and becoming the cause of such ills.



  • His blood runs scorching-hot, and has other properties as well.
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