Yuri Kostyk
Yuriy Kostyk
Real Name Yuriy Akim Kostyk
Pseudonyms Yuri, Tango Whiskey Zero-Twelve (CIA), Fluffy Teddybear, "The Accountant"
Height 5'7"
Weight ~143
Nationality Ukrainian
Affiliation Independent (Stanislav)
Base of Operations The Corner Club, Morocco
Security Level [REDACTED] (open amongst Stanislav's group)
Position Unconfirmed (Second-in-Command, Stanislav)
Specialties Numbers, Knowing How To Sell Things That Kill People, [REDACTED]
Known Associates Viktor Stanislav (bossman), Ania Evanko (???)
Played By Konstantin Khabensky

Character Information

Descriptions of Yuriy Kostyk are few and far between. Small, diminutive, he tends to attract little attention. Photographs rarely catch his face; though a couple have possibly surfaced from his time in service, there is difficulty connecting the two people as the same without better eyes-on.


  • Yuri originates from western Ukraine, an area affectionate towards Russian influences, informing some of his habits and speech.
  • His importance within Viktor's organization is a tightly held secret, notable only during times of crisis, when Viktor's instinct to protect Yuri trumps secrecy.
  • It is currently suspected by some channels that there is an operative within Viktor's organization ready to flip. It is not currently suspected who.


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