Zander Morgan
Portrayed By Taylor Kitsch
Gender Male
Date of Birth Don' matter.
Age His "Prime"
Occupation Hunter / "Hansel"
Known Relatives Alexandra (Sister)
Significant Other Shotguns. Swords. Whatever Works.

One half of the latest generation of Morgans, Zander has Hunting in his blood. He's wild, reckless and a dick, but he gets the job done. Some people say he's going to be the death of his sister, but he figures it's better if he goes than if she does.

Hunting, A History

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How To Kill A…

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Tools of the Trade

Weapons, Armors, Stolen Legendary Items That He's Not Supposed To Have But Does So Look Out Suckers.

The More You Know

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The Hunter Games

All The Logs! Adventures! Personalized Cut Scenes!!

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