Zora Alkaev
Real Name Sofya Magdalena Ilyinichna Lebedev
Pseudonyms Laura Desmond, Hawaa Suleiman, Ghaliya Ismail, Xava Shishani
Codenames Qama, хаттабка (Khattabka), Durova
Height 175cm
Weight 60kg
DOB 1980
Nationality Russian
Affiliation Служба Внешней Разведки (SVR)
Base of Operations Rainier Resort, Monaco
Security Level N/A
Position Owner/Operator
Specialties Bomb making, electronics, surveillance, cyphers, security systems, computers.
Known Associates None
Played By Milla Jovovitch

Character Information

Zora Alkaev is, as far as all but a few people are concerned, a woman of the world and the owner/operator of the Rainier Resort. She's wealthy, lovely, independent, and a single mother, but entirely unremarkable by anything but the most mundane standards. She does run a very nice resort where people behave themselves exceedingly well, but that's just good business. Oh, and her grandma loves her. That's always nice.


Anna Alkaev Magdalena 'Lena' Alkaev


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